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Software Server Features

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Software server contains all of the enterprise logic and ensures that Software runs optimally. One layer of the server is dedicated to communicate and interface with the PostgreSQL database, the ORM engine. Another layer allows communications between the server and a web browser, the Web layer. Having more than one server is possible, for example in conjunction with a load balancing mechanism.

Software provides an application server on which specific business applications can be built. It is also a complete development framework, offering a range of features to write those applications. The OpenERP server also features a specific layer designed to communicate with the web browser-based client. This layer connects users using standard browsers to the server.

From a developer perspective, the server acts both as a library which brings the above benefits while hiding the low-level details, and as a simple way to install, configure and run the written applications. The server also contains other services, such as extensible data models and view, workflow engine or reports engine. However, those are OpenERP services not specifically related to security and are therefore not discussed in detail in this document.

Software is an ERP System that does not need to fear a comparison with the big names in the business.

This applies both to the fundamental idea behind ERP as well as to the architecture of its processes, its technical structure, its various options for customization and the number of modules already available.
However, a simple comparison of Software’s features with those of other ERP systems offers few benefits, since the true advantage lies in the following two key factors:

  • the lack of licensing fees and

  • the open source code of Software and its corresponding customizations

The non-existing licensing fees can be dealt with quickly: Simply call SAP, Microsoft, Sage or any of the other vendors and ask for prices. Then look at the costs you will be able to save! And we haven’t even started to talk about the fact that all these ladies and gentlemen quite often do no longer understand their own licensing policies and haven’t got a clue whether it is white or grey or black.
Being in possession of your own source code has the obvious additional benefit of reusability. Indefinitely more important, however, is that having your own source code provides independence – independence, that is, from both the vendor and the implementation partner.

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